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In-Home and Virtual Interior Design Services



 Hello I’m Mary Fuller,

an expert in interior design.


Having lived in the Kalamazoo area for over 30 years, I love the spirit of the Midwest. The importance of honesty and integrity is huge here. Trust is also especially important and I make certain to earn that trust from my clients. Also, I have a firm belief that if you aren’t having fun with the design process you are missing something valuable. My passion is to work with you to make your home a beautiful retreat. As a designer my focus is to decorate your home to suit you, your family’s taste and lifestyle. Listening carefully is how I begin the design process as that is the only way to learn what you love and how to accomplish what your want done. I believe in creating relationships, I build them to last. Life is about change, birth happens, divorce happens, death happens, so your home is ever evolving.

W e   c a n   s e t   u p   a n   a p p o i n t m e n t   o n l i n e   a n d   g e t   s t a r t e d   o r   f e e l   f r e e   t o   g i v e   m e   a   c a l l   f i r s t !

Personal Client Consultation


Incorporating what you already have in your home is something I excel at doing.  Most people have many wonderful items in their homes but after we live with them awhile, they can start to feel a little stale.  I love to come into your home and shake things up a bit.  We can do this by simply moving things around.  Maybe a new piece of furniture or painting a chair can give the area a new look.  Adding a new piece of art or changing the color of the room is a way to add instant pizazz.  Some of these changes can be inexpensive yet make the room look like a million bucks.  Having a designer come into your home can save you money.

One of the things I love to do is mix up styles.  Adding an antique to a modern home can give it a warmer look. Giving a traditional kitchen some industrial touches adds interest.  Quirky accents, bursts of color, new pillows can add excitement!

Perhaps you just want to unify a space in your home that feels out of sync with the rest of your home.  Or maybe you are becoming empty nesters and have some areas that need to become your own. I can help.


Selection of paint, wallpaper, furniture, arrangement of furniture, lighting, and accessories are other areas where I can be of service.


Being faced with the tremendous amount of decisions you must make when building a home can be overwhelming when doing it alone.  It helps to have a designer to guide you. The choices I can help you with include plumbing fixtures, cabinets, basically the whole house, ceiling to floor. 

To further help you visualize your selections, I can do room drawings, paint schedules, mood boards as well as to help you shop for furniture or accessories.

Untitled (2).png

We hired Mary to help with the remodel and design of our newly purchased lake home. She
gently guided us through the entire process. The most important area for me was the
basement. I wanted my life collections of fishing gear and rock n roll posters incorporated into the design. I also asked for lots of color. She delivered. Now I can enjoy the things I love everyday. Kick ass work, Mary!  -  Jim P.



Window Treatments and Flooring are areas where you can depend on excellent help in selection and expertise when working with me as your designer.


I have worked at a few local businesses in a combined period of over 20 years.  One of the businesses specializes in flooring, carpeting, wood, luxury vinyl tile and ceramic tile.  The other company specializes in window treatments, this includes shades, blinds, custom draperies, and top treatments.  With window treatments and many flooring options, I bring the samples to your home, then help with your style and color selections, measure, and arrange for installation.  With my extensive experience in these very specific areas of design you can be assured I won’t just help you select what is pretty. I will also guide you with the best recommendations for your specific needs.

About Me
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